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Ghana; Disability; Community

Our project is called Local Inclusive Festival (LIFE), a local faith based NGO which aims to improve the living conditions and status of People with Disabilities in the Upper East region of Ghana.

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Ghana; Human Rights; Health; Participation and Governance

The Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS) is a NGO committed to promoting the rights of the most marginalised people in society. RAINS currently provides services that aim to reduce child exploitation, increase reproductive health and promote traditional leadership in democratic governance. The RAINS blog was shortlisted for the UK blog awards 2014.

Watch volunteers on the RAINS project in Ghana, showing how the 'Seed and Knowledge' initiative is enabling communities to revive indigenous seeds.

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Creating Change ABC

Ghana; Human Rights; Education

Aniwula bihi kana (ABC) or "Evening, come children" deals with challenges around the retention of girls in school and the transition to higher levels of learning. This project seeks to prepare Primary 6 pupils in English Language and Mathematics skills to prepare them for their transition to the junior high school.

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TradeAID Integrated

Ghana; Business and Trade; Participation and Governance

TradeAID Integrated operates in deprived communities in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The vision of the organisation is to ‘see vibrant rural enterprises around the numerous indigenous livelihoods to generate employment and wealth for the rural poor’.

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Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities

Ghana; Disability; Education and Awareness

The Resource Centre acts as an umbrella organisation for all the individual disabled organisations in the Northern Region to produce a united and powerful front to promote disability rights. It is a place where disabled people can come to find support, counselling and training. As well as the practical services provided by the centre, such as counselling and its use as a meeting place, the Resource Centre also carries out projects in the wider community.

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Ghana; Disability; Education

The Yumba Special School is located in the Tamale metropolis. It works with children who suffer from learning disabilities, focusing on teaching them life skills rather than more conventional education. Though it has some state support, the children are not as supported as they can be. ICS volunteers are working to put in place sustainable support so that the school can better support its pupils.

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Craftspeople from Bolga’s big market

Craftspeople from Bolga’s big market sew the front pocket of a smock.

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