Capacity Building

People all over the world rely on civil society and public organisations to provide services and support. The more effective these are, the greater the impact there is for the most marginalised people whom they represent.

We support these organisations to develop their systems, skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible services.

Through our experienced development workers, our capacity building work provides effective advocacy for marginalised groups, legal aid and advice, training for local nongovernmental organisations workers, research and documentation, and the promotion of good governance.

We have developed a process that can be tailored to our partners’ needs, that is participatory and whose results can be assessed. Capacity building equips organisations to better promote and protect a range of the rights of their stakeholders and communities.

Recommencing work in Mali

In April 2014 we recommenced work in Mali. Our Organisational Development Team provided capacity building support for seven partners across Bamako. This aimed to develop action plans, improve internal governance, build resources (including financial governance), and develop a national advocacy plan to influence policies and programmes for people with disabilities. We delivered:

Organisational Development Team in the occupied Palestinian territory

Our International Service (UNAIS) Organisational Development Programme works to provide Palestinian NGOs and CSOs with specific, targeted, capacity building support. Click here to learn more on our Palestinian website.

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