Children and Young People

We work with children and young people in Bolivia, Burkina Faso and the occupied Palestinian territory. Active youth civil participation and educational events are also promoted in Ghana.

Our activities include art projects, play activities, community development, sports, language lessons and work to keep girls and boys in education. We also work with partners on the right to an education through awareness raising and supporting young people to have a voice with video and podcast activities.


"I think it's our duty to give children the most inspiring and happy childhood that we possibly can. They are the adults of the future."This #WorldHealthDay, Saara Najjar exposes the wonderful work her ICS team supported with Servicio Internacional Británico - Bolivia and their partners last year.

Posted by International Service on Thursday, 7 April 2016

Our partners


Working to address the whole person needs from birth to adulthood, ChildFund works in partnership with 47 local community organisations across Bolivia. ChildFund trains practitioners to help avoid death during childbirth, educates families on nutrition, hygiene and child development, provides after-school programmes through ChildFund supported community centres and offers academic, leadership and educational opportunities and training to young people. ChildFund also work across communities to promote and improve child rights and safety.

Working closely with the local government of La Paz, Zebras look to reduce the significant and harmful noise pollution the city experiences through education and campaigning to raise awareness about the issues and effects that noise pollution is having on the city. Zebras works in a multidisciplinary fashion, employing theatre, educations and other dramatic arts to promote harmonious living, respect and diversity with the view of changing habits with respect to noise generation and responsibility for the city.


From reducing child exploitation and labour to assisting farming communities to adapt to climate change, RAINS works to improve the lives of deprived communities and sections of society. By working with farmers in setting up a cooperative, RAINS is removing the need for children to be removed from school to work. They also work to reverse the prevalence of teenage pregnancy and STIs through peer education, outreach and support.

Create Change Foundation
Since 2007 Creating Change in Ghana has worked to find innovative solutions to world poverty through the empowerment of girls. They work with government schools providing infrastructure and support to make education more accessible. Creating change is moving towards self-sufficiency in Ghana through the use of social and business enterprises whereby girls and young women are empowered and supported to generate income so that more young people can have access to and continue their education.

the occupied Palestinian territory

Birzeit University – Right to Education (R2E)
Campaigning nationally and internationally for unimpeded access for all Palestinians to education, R2E has worked with International Service since 2005 to support the access and rights of students in Palestine, encouraging active citizenship and providing opportunities to realise academic aspirations.

Birzeit University – Advancement
Working closely with the university’s Careers Department who support students looking into further education or employment, Advancement deliver capacity building workshops, empowering 

Youth Development Department (YDD)
Working with young people aged 15 to 25, YDD’s priority is to provide the Palestinian youth of Jerusalem with a wide variety of opportunities both locally and internationally. YDD do this through improving and empowering local youth institutions through provision of resource, networking and support.

Sharek Youth Forum - Skills Session
With young people particularly vulnerable to poverty and unemployment, Sharek’s Skills Sessions provides support, guidance and skills to young people to promote and secure access to the labour market.

Sharek Youth Forum - Voice of the Youth
Through empowerment and giving young people a voice, Sharek’s Voice of the Youth acts as the medium for young Palestinians to portray their thoughts and feelings, opinions on issues and showing the wider world the many positives within Palestine. Voice of the Youth aims to celebrate and highlight the rich culture, strength, hope and ambition of the young people in Palestine today.


International Service works as part of a consortium to deliver the UK government backed International Citizen Service (ICS). ICS brings together young people to make a difference in some of the poorest communities around the world.

With training and critical engagement with development issues, volunteers provide invaluable support to our local partners, encouraging innovation at a local level. They can also take new experiences and values into their own lives, gaining skills for future employment opportunities, and becoming lifelong active citizens.

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The Youth Development Department (YDD) in Jerusalem offers young people access to careers services, vocational training and increased drug awareness.

Eyad (above) said: “I used to earn less than minimum wage, it was not even close to being enough to support my family. Since I was given the opportunity to take part in the YDD project, everything in my life has changed for the better. I have more control over what is happening in my life, I am now able to provide a better life for my family.”