Our Approach to Development

From over 60 years of experience, we know that positive and lasting change happens when people are able to secure and protect their rights.

We can only realise our potential when we have security, freedom of expression, and are not discriminated against. To succeed, we need to work under fair conditions, to live in good health, have a decent education and be free to make independent decisions. Families, communities and societies flourish when they draw on the talents, contributions and innovations of all of their members.

Rights give people power; power to change the world around them, remove obstacles and overcome discrimination. International Service works with some of the most marginalised people in the world; people denied these rights because they are a woman, have a disability, or because they are poor, or of a different ethnic origin, sexuality or age.

Sometimes, it’s all of these together. When people are denied their basic human rights, they are denied opportunities. It fosters a cycle of poverty and inequality.

So we place securing human rights at the heart of everything we do.

We empower people to understand their rights and how to access them, how to get involved in decisions which affect them, and to hold decision-makers and power-brokers to account.

International Service works with a diverse range of local and established partners. Working in this way ensures all our work responds to local needs and contexts.

Our Development Workers provide effective advocacy for discriminated groups, legal aid and advice, training for local NGO workers, research and documentation, and the promotion of good governance. We help those who face discrimination and poverty gain access to services, and have a say in how their society is run.

Safeguarding Statement

International Service believes that the abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults constitutes a clear infringement of their rights and a violation of the values in our vision, values and mission. We are committed to protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults. 

 International Service: