International Service empowers women and girls to access their rights in developing countries across the world.

The realisation of women’s rights worldwide has been slow and uneven. Continuing social norms, stereotypes, stigma and violence remain, holding back women and girls everywhere from reaching their full potential (UN Women, 2015).

International Service supports women to build their own futures: to earn their own income, assert their rights, and increase their participation in the community. We also work to document violence against women and provide legal advice.


Our Partners


Burkina Faso

Kabeela supports women in increasing literacy, financial independence and awareness of their rights. Founded in 1995, Kabeela works alongside health programmes to increase access for rural women and provides literacy lessons with support of the national literacy programme. Read more about our work with Kabeela here.

Union des Groupement de Femmes / Ce Dwane Nyee (UGF/CDN)
UGF/CDN helps women in terms of participation and through the promotion of their rights, literacy and income generation.



WOSAG (Women Support Activist Group)
Women Support Activist Group (WOSAG) works with women’s groups, local communities, and development partners to improve the quality of life of women in Ghana.

NFED (Non-Formal Education Division): Savelugu and Tolon
Part of the Ministry of Education of Ghana, NFED is responsible for coordinating literacy activities in the country. The project aims to provide basic literacy and numeracy to women living in rural farming communities in the north of Ghana.

LIFE Sandema (Local Integration for Empowerment)
The Life project’s aim is to increase inclusion and part of this involves educating women in areas of human rights and health, including sexual health. The project has created girls’ clubs for females to be able to express themselves and to learn about relationships and STIs, human rights and womens’ rights.

Occupied Palestinian territory

Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)
WCLAC is a leading defender of women’s rights in Palestine and provides legal aid, support and protection services whilst seeking to reverse negative attitudes, cultural legacies and negligence towards Palestinian women.

Read about our business and nutrition programmes
with Kabeela, a women’s association in Burkina Faso