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Burkina Faso, a land locked West African nation, has few natural resources, a high population density and literacy rates amongst the lowest in the world. As an ICS volunteer in Burkina Faso you can lead change in one of the world’s least developed countries.

With a focus on women and people living with disabilities, you could be delivering training to support income generation, conducting awareness-raising campaigns on HIV or malaria, improving English language skills, or creating online market opportunities.


Burkina Faso; Disabilites

Action Sociale De Koudougou (ASK) promotes rights and social inclusion of people with disabilities in Boulkiemdé province. Working alongside its partner projects, ASK delivers sports and cultural activities to challenge widespread discrimination. International Service volunteers provide training for ASK staff, deliver marketing campaigns and develop educational materials.

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Burkina Faso; Livelihoods

Founded in 1998, Action Pour la Promotion des Initiatives Locales (APIL) supports rural communities and farmers’ organisations to achieve one of the most basic rights: the right to eat. As well as supporting sustainable farming mechanisms, APIL also supports farmers to achieve better living conditions for their families and their communities.

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Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB)

Burkina Faso; Disability

Led, staffed and managed by people living with disabilities, Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) lives and breathes its philosophy and mission that ‘people with disabilities should be able to play a full and active role in their own socio-economic development’. They continue to support and promote people living with disabilities through advocacy and outreach so that they can lead an independent life.

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Burkina Faso; Children and Young People

AVO promotes and protects the rights of women and children who are affected by the death of a husband or father. Founded in 2000, AVO provides skills training for women, and supports them in selling their craft products. AVO also supports children aged 5 – 18.

ICS volunteers conduct research to support AVOs work, run awareness-raising sessions, and offer training on English classes, IT and website maintenance.

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Burkina Faso; Women

Working to empower rural women through promotion of their human rights, health and income, Kabeela supports women in increasing literacy, financial independence and awareness of their rights. Kabeela works alongside health programmes to increase access for rural women and provides literacy lessons with support of the national literacy programme.

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Union des Groupements Feminins and Ce Dwane Neyee

Burkina Faso; Women

UGF/CDN (Union des Groupement de Femmes / Ce Dwane Nyee) is a network of women's groups in the Sanguié Province (Central West) of Burkina Faso. Established in 1978, it has since grown to over 3 000 members. The name CDN stands for Ce Dwane Nyee in ''Lyelé'', a language local to Réo and which translates as ‘Strength through Unity.’ UGF/CDN aim is to contribute sustainably to the socio-economic and cultural empowerment of women and girls.

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Read about what previous ICS volunteers have done:

Tigoung Nonma

Burkina Faso; Disability

Tigoung Nonma is a cooperative of physically disabled artisans who have given many people the opportunity to market their craft work, receive training and generate an income. The Tigoung Nonma committee are active in the community and continue to encourage engagement amongst members and volunteers.

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Handicap Solidaire Bukina (HSB) - Inclusive Sports

Burkina Faso; Disability

HSB delivers an inclusive sports programme which focuses on providing young people living with disabilities an active lifestyle, whilst also increasing awareness, inclusion and confidence. In Burkina Faso we work with stakeholders to promote inclusive sport.

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Burkina Faso; Women

Arche, French for Ark, creates communities in which those living with disabilities and their carers live, work, eat and pray together, creating unity and an impression of family life for all involved. Arche creates a place that for those often marginalised and discriminated against can live with dignity and as valued members of a community.

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Djigui Espoir

Bolivia; Disability

Djigui Espoir is an association of women with disabilities. Their foucs is to raise awareness and reduce the extreme poverty too often experienced by women, particularly those living with a disability. By providing employment, training and empowerment they seek to secure financial independence for both woman and women living with a disability.

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