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Meaning Warrior King, Ghana is a country praised for its political stability, and has seen great progress and growth over the last two decades. However, it’s a country of two halves. As an ICS volunteer in Ghana you’ll be delivering positive, lasting change in the North, a region that has seen progress stalled or even reversed compared to the South.

From supporting partners to promote the rights and freedoms of people living with disabilities, developing cooperatives for farmers, delivering sexual health and education projects, or paving the way to Fair Trade status for your Ghanaian community, you can really make a difference as an ICS volunteer in Ghana.




Pagsung empowers women in the Northern Region to access their right to a fair living. As well as providing income generating training, Pacsung also brings together women to act as a support network.

International Service volunteers build the capacity of its members and its staff to enable the organisation to support more women.

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Youth Alive

Youth Alive supports the rights of street and vulnerable children in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions of Ghana. Working particularly with girls, Youth Alive delivers vocational skills training and formal education, as well as advocating for their right to education. International Service volunteers plan develop the capacity of Youth Alive staff, and deliver awareness raising sessions in the community. 

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Create Change ABC

Creating Change has worked to find innovative solutions to poverty through the empowerment of girls. They work with government schools providing infrastructure and support to make education more accessible, improving retention and progression of girls within the education system

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The Life project, run by the Presbyterian Community Based Rehabilitation (CRB), aims to create opportunities for people living with a disability to participate and fully engage with the community; particularly focusing on supporting young people with disabilities into mainstream education and wider societal inclusion.

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NFED (Non-Formal Education Division)

Part of the Ministry of Education of Ghana, NFED is responsible for coordinating literacy activities in the country. They also run income generation classes including soap making, shea butter making, and minute taking.

We currently have a project in Kumbungu, aiming to build the capacity of NFED, equipping them with the necessary skills in finance, ICT, and marketing so that they can operate on their own.  

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Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities (RC)

With a mission of ensuring that people living with disabilities live in dignity and with equal access to rights and opportunities as full member of society, RC work to educate, empower and advocate to ensure people living with disabilities enjoy their fundamental rights and freedoms as active and equal members of society.

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Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS)

From reducing child exploitation and labour to assisting farming communities to adapt to climate change, RAINS works to improve the lives of deprived communities and sections of society. By working with farmers in setting up a cooperative, RAINS is removing the need for children to be removed from school to work. They also work to reverse the prevalence of teenage pregnancy and STIs through peer education, outreach and support.

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Sirigu Women's Organisation for Pottery and Art (SWOPA)

Sirigu Women's Organisation for Pottery and Art (SWOPA) aims to raise the living standards of women and their families in the Upper East Region of Ghana. International Service ICS volunteers are working on a Art and Craft Empowerment project, conducting market research and capacity building to ensure sustainable businesses.

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Through its focus on supporting livelihoods and food security, TradeAID empowers craft sector workers to establish sustainable and more profitable enterprise. TradeAID works with various craft sectors to address issues such as working conditions in order to secure sustainable and improved livelihoods.

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Women Support Activist Group (WOSAG)

Women’s Support Activist Group (WOSAG) works with women’s groups, local communities, and development partners to improve the quality of life of women in Ghana. Volunteers are supporting WOSAG by implementing an educational support scheme to reduce the number of victims of domestic sexual violence, teenage pregnancy, and increase awareness of reproductive health needs.

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