Our achievements in the occupied Palestinian territory

We are not currently offering placements in the occupied Palestinian territory. However, you can read about the achievements of our volunteers below.

Ranging from supporting the speaking and learning of English, web development and public speaking skills, building links with local and national governments, developing partnerships with education establishments and running campaigns, there is so ICS volunteers have achieved here so far.

Birzeit University - Right to Education and Advancement

Palestine; Youth

Birzeit University plays a central role in developing the most valuable national resource in society – the Palestinian people. International volunteers are involved in numerous projects at the University, from English workshops to creating donor videos to supporting students to be more involved in their local communities.

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The Women's Centre and Palestine Farmers Union

Palestine; Women; Capacity Building

The Women’s Centre for Legal Advice and Counselling (WCLAC) seeks to develop a democratic Palestinian society based on the principles of gender equality and social justice. It is a leading defender of women’s rights in Palestine, providing legal aid, social counselling and protection services to women.

To read an interview with the Director of WCLAC click here.

The Palestinian Farmers Union works to empower Palestinian farmers to defend their rights and benefits. This also includes improving the performance of the agriculture sector, and preserving the Palestinian environment. Volunteers are involved in data collection to identify farmer's needs.

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Sharek Youth Forum

Palestine; Youth

The Sharek Youth Forum is one of the leading independent, apolitical and impartial youth organisations in Palestine. Sharek have extensive experience in targeting university and college graduates and providing them with capacity building, career counselling, vocational education and skill development sessions.

Watch a video about the Palestine Through Graphics project at Sharek Youth Forum. Here, young people are invited to attend several hours of training in short story writing, illustration techniques and publishing skills.

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Palestine Youth Development Department and Al-Quds University

Palestine; Youth; Disability

The main goal of the Youth Development Department is to support and improve the capacities of local youth institutions in Jerusalem by providing them with the resources and contacts necessary to establish youth exchange and enrichment programs. Volunteers will be supporting this work through developing workshops and resources and to increase awareness of the organisation.

As the only Palestinian University in Jerusalem, Al Quds empowers Palestinian youth through education, instilling a spirit of innovation, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Our ICS volunteers support this work by providing workshops and networks to broaden the learning of Al Quds students, encouraging them to engage with new cultures, languages, and exciting global opportunities.

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