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Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world. The 1994 genocide killed 20% of the population, and has left Rwanda with a disproportionately high number of young people: 67% of the population is aged under 25. And they face stark challenges: the average Rwandan has only 3.7 years of schooling, and as a consequence, 60% of the population work as farmers.

Although Rwanda is developing and inequality is reducing, this impact has mostly benefitted those living in urban areas and men. You could be helping to change that reality; by promoting employment opportunities for young people, or by empowering young people to advocate for change by supporting civil society organisations.

Let Us Transform Life Initiative (LUTI)

Rwanda; Children and Women


Let Us Transform Life Initiative (LUTI) works with women and young people, who are often most adversely impacted by poverty. LUTI works with community leaders, school staff and cooperatives to educate women and young people on their right to health, gender equality, and a quality education. International Service volunteers work with LUTI staff to deliver sessions, and reach out to more communities.


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Rwanda; Young People

Founded in response to the genocide, this youth organisation improves children and young people's access to human rights. The assocation - which translates as Youth Association for Human Rights Promotion and Development - promotes and protects young peoples' rights, carries out research, advocacy, economic empowerment and civil society strengthening. It aims to build the capacity of Rwandan civil society and its citizens to effectively engage in public policy dialogue, and to address the increasing poverty gap within the country.

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Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU)

Rwanda; Children and Women


Meaning Beloved Child Association, AMU was formed by a Rwandan woman who pleaded with God during the 1994 genocide. “If you save me with my family I will serve you." AMU now delivers a range of services to children orphaned by the genocide, including educating vulnerable children, providing support to children and young people with HIV/AIDS while educating others to reduce infections, and working with whole families to increase their social and economic empowerment. Our AMU teams work in two locations; Kigali and Butare.

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Rwanda; Livelihoods

Kopakama Coffee Cooperative was founded in 2005, and now has over 850 members. Fairtrade certified, it provides producers with the means to wash and process their coffee, which enables them to get a higher price for their crop. It also provides skills training so members can produce a more valuable crop, meaning each member is better able to make a fair living. International Service volunteers offer training to Kopakama members and staff to help them develop their financial, business and production skills.

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