How does ICS work?

Here’s a step-by-step look at the path your ICS journey will follow.


ICS is open to all 18-25 year olds (23+ for team leaders).

You don’t need cash or qualifications; just the ambition and drive to make a positive impact.


After a successful application, you will attend a selection day where you will take part in a number of activities and an interview to see if ICS is the right programme for you at this time. The activities and interview are designed to give you the opportunity to show your skills, interests and experience so we can match you to the most suitable placement.


Once selected, you will be invited to a pre-departure training day. Here you will find out more about your country and the sort of projects you could be doing.


As a UK volunteer you are asked to fundraise a minimum of £800 as a sign of commitment to the programme. You’ll have plenty of time to achieve your target and will be supported in this task by a dedicated fundraising officer.

12 Week Placement

You will spend 12 weeks living and working overseas alongside both UK and in-country volunteers. With the support of your team and host-family, you'll become part of a community whilst making a sustainable impact.


We take feedback from volunteers seriously and support you to evaluate your experiences, allowing you to continue your learning and to improve our programmes for future volunteers.

Action at Home

This is your chance to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained from you placement in your home community. Whether it’s volunteering, raising awareness of international development or setting up your own campaign or project; Action at Home is your chance to show that you are an active citizen. 

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A volunteer enjoying a community performance in Ghana - 2014

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