I’ve always believed in innovation.  

Perhaps the inevitable consequence of never feeling quite satisfied with ‘satisfactory’ is that I spend a great deal of time thinking about what next, how can we improve, what could be done differently? If the cutting edge is the only really useful section of the knifethen why would our attention be anywhere else? 

So when I joined the International Service team in 2013, I remember thinking what an honour it was to be part of an organisation with such a rich history. And I thought, ‘I hope I can lead it into an exciting future.’ 

Five years on, it feels like we are right on the brink of that future. With a fresh, contemporary new brand and website, and the organisation blazing trails in new directionsthe word ‘innovation’ never felt so real. 

And our logo, which combines a fingerprint and a globe, perfectly symbolises the spirit of innovation which shapes our work. It encapsulates the way in which we leave our mark on developing communities; it's a logo which demonstrates that our work is done in partnership with those living in poverty and discrimination. And it's a logo that expresses one of our core values and our approach to developmentlocal solutions to local issues – because one size does not fit all. 

Our new website makes fundraising or donating to our work as simple as ABC, enabling our supporters, across the UK and the world, to become change-makers in whichever way suits themIt means our followers can engage with us more easily and keep up to date with our work. And it means we’re better able to tell the stories of the inspirational change-makers we work with in developing communities; the ones who are making change happen. 

I’m delighted to share our new website with you. And I look forward to you joining us in making change together.