Following the devastating news last year that our beloved Burkina Faso Country Director, Eléonore Couldiaty, had passed away, together with her family we set up a fund in her name to make sure that we continue her incredible work.

We are delighted to announce that following the first round of funding applications, grants have now been awarded to three organisations in Burkina Faso.

The awards

Because gender equality and women's rights were one of the causes closest to Eléonore's heart, we decided that we would initially focus the funding on organisations that are working to promote women and women's rights. We are so excited to share the details of the grants we have awarded this round:

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) 

HSB is an organisation based in a rural area called Pabré. The organisation is led, staffed and managed by people living with disabilities. It provides support for people with disabilities, and works with families, communities, and disabled athletes to challenge disability stigma.

We have awarded HSB 90,000 FCFA for their solar cooking system project.

This project will enable disabled women to generate an income as well as increasing their wellbeing in the community. The money will be spent on the production and marketing of innovative solar cooking systems, and the hall in which the women will make them.

The hall will provide a safe space for 12 disabled women to produce solar cooking kits and thermos baskets. These baskets will revolutionise the way in which women in this rural community are able to cook for their families, as they can keep food warm for many hours. This means that women who have a lot of housework and carework to do only need to cook once a day.

The hall itself will also offer a place for the producers to market their cooking kits to other community members, and a space for these women to discuss and share their experiences. And as an added bonus, the solar kits help to protect the environment by reducing deforestation in the area and encouraging the use of renewable energy. 

Tigoung Nonma

A further 90,000 FCFA has been awarded to a cooperative of disabled artisans called Tigoung Nonma, based in Ouagadougou.

Tigoung Nonma seeks to provide sustainable incomes for physically disadvantaged artisans by participating in the international fair trade movement. The existing stigma attached to disability in Burkina Faso makes it difficult for people with disabilities to find work. It is through the production and sale of fair trade goods that Tigoung Nonma can empower its members to become autonomous individuals, enabling their participation in the socio-economic development of their country.

Their artisans use natural materials along with a wide variety of recycled products. They also work to limit the damage to the environment and contribute to the fight against climate change. 

Their project is focused on cooking materials to improve their catering service and increase their income generation. They will use the money to buy missing cooking materials that previously they have had to borrow. This funding will allow them to increase their capacity to deliver their services.

Around 10 disabled women work directly for the catering service, and another 60 members of the cooperative will benefit indirectly from the project.


Kabeela is a women's organisation that seeks to promote women's socio-economic position in society. Kabeela has been awarded 85,800 FCFA for a training on transforming shea butter into soap. This will mean that more women can learn a trade that can enable them to increase their income.

Based in Ziniaré, Kabeela has been tackling gender inequality and promoting women's rights for over 20 years. With this money, 25 women will be trained in how to transform shea butter into cosmetics and soap. As a direct effect of this funding, Kabeela's women will acquire valuable skills to improve the quality and the packaging of soap and cosmetic shea butter, enabling them to make enough money to send their children to school and support their families.

The Transformation Fund

We miss Eléonore every day. She was a completely breathtaking woman who created ripples everywhere she went. This funding is the first step towards remembering and honouring her work in the way she would have wanted, and we can't wait to see the fruits of these projects.

If you would like to contribute towards the Eléonore Couldiaty Transformation Fund, click the Donate button below. 100% of the money donated to the fund is awarded to human rights organisations in Burkina Faso, so please give generously.

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