Fair Play: Why Goalball?

Find out why goalball is the perfect sport to tackle disability discrimination and to promote inclusivity.Read more

Fair Play: how it works

For many people across the developing world, living with a disability means living with stigma, discrimination and a higher chance of poverty. Find out how we're using sport to change that.Read more

Upcoming Events

Check out the list of our upcoming eventsRead more

Spoken word for change

We are holding a spoken word competition to nurture and promote the creativity of young people in York, and raise awareness about educational gender inequality in northern Ghana. The winning piece will form the script of our next major fundraising campaign video. Find out how to enter.Read more

Period poverty

We work with organisations in developing communities to raise awareness about the knock-on effect of girls missing school due to periods, and increase access to the sanitary products that will enable them to attend school wherever they are in their cycle.Read more

Literacy in Palestine

We have worked in Palestine for over 50 years, including launching a Literacy and Adult Education Office at Birzeit University in 1976. In that time, literacy rates of people over 15 years old have increased from 47% to 96.9%.Read more

Our arts partners

We’ve worked with local arts organisations in Africa, South America and the Middle East to challenge stigma, create sustainable incomes and provide an outlet for expression for marginalised groups.Read more

Women with disabilities

The disability stigma experienced by many women with disabilities in developing communities is doubly compounded by their gender. We focus on working with them because we know that everyone has the right to earn a living, and a stable income is the quickest route out of poverty.Read more

Enterprise projects

For many people in developing countries, formal employment is not an option. That’s why so many people turn to small-scale production and enterprise to provide for themselves and their families.Read more

Spotlight: art as expression

Same Difference worked with children living in some of the most challenging circumstances, giving them the tools to express and deal with the trauma they had faced.Read more

Our enterprise partners

We work together with local organisations to tackle the social and physical barriers that block people from making a living.Read more

Building a Paralympic legacy

Our work brings Paralympic sport to more communities, and supports Paralympians to complete on a global stage.Read more

Victorine's Story

Wheelchair basketball player and small business owner Victorine Guissou is challenging perceptions in her home town of Koudougou.Read more

REACT: our volunteers' journey

For the volunteers involved, REACT will have a lasting impact.Read more

REACT: a step towards fair play

Our pilot disability sport project has left a lasting impression on communities in Ghana, and on the volunteers who made it happen.Read more


Our volunteers are working with some of the most marginalised people in Rwandan society: sex workers.Read more


We work with women across Burkina Faso to turn shea nuts into a route out of poverty.Read more

Fundraise for us

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Take action

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We use the OSAT to help strengthen charities, NGOs and community organisationsRead more

Our partners in Rwanda

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Our partners in Malawi

Find out about what we're currently doing in Malawi.Read more