Literacy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

We have worked in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for over 50 years, including launching a Literacy and Adult Education Office at Birzeit University in 1976. In that time, literacy rates of people over 15 years old have increased from 47% to 96.9%. Read more

Enterprise projects

For many people in developing countries, formal employment is not an option. That’s why so many people turn to small-scale production and enterprise to provide for themselves and their families. Read more

Spotlight: art as expression

Same Difference worked with children living in some of the most challenging circumstances, giving them the tools to express and deal with the trauma they had faced. Read more

Building a Paralympic legacy

Our work brings Paralympic sport to more communities, and supports Paralympians to complete on a global stage. Read more

Bringing the English Football League to Burkina Faso

In 2013, we collaborated with Notts County FC and Npower to support Paralympic sport in Burkina Faso. Read more