Mental ill health is not just a first world problem. In fact, in poorer communities people are at greater risk of mental ill health - communities where vital services for people with mental ill health are least available.

Community arts for mental health is one way to help with this. Taking part in art in a group setting has proven pathways to better mental health, and community arts sessions can be organised by local people and key workers with just a little training and minimal resources.

At International Service we believe in the power of local volunteers, key workers and organisations to transform their communities. They are the ones changing their world, and we want to help them have the best possible chance of making a positive difference.

You can help make this happen.

This summer, we’re launching Arts & Minds Ghana, a brand-new programme for International Service in which we're piloting our community arts for mental health programme. We'll start by training people in community arts for mental health. Then we'll support them to organise their first series of community arts for mental health sessions for vulnerable people in the local community.

Your support will enable us to train more local people, run more sessions, and make a bigger difference.


Once we've piloted, proven, and refined the model, we want to scale up Arts & Minds around northern Ghana bringing community arts for mental health to more communities. We also want to introduce this model in Palestine, where people experience ongoing stress and strain on their mental health.

You can join us in making this a reality.

  • You can donate to help our project go further and do better
  • You can fundraise for Arts & Minds, perhaps by running an arts event where you live
  • You can share this page to help get the message out and get more people involved in Arts & Minds

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