People living in lower-income countries are more likely to have a disability. With limited access to decent healthcare, short-term illnesses can develop into chronic conditions. In turn, people with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty and less able to escape it, due to disability stigma and inaccessible public infrastructure.

In northern Ghana, many people with disabilities experience discrimination on a daily basis. Seen as a burden or a nuisance, often they are valued less than able-bodied people.

You can help us do something about this.

This Christmas, we’re launching Fair Play, a new programme that will use blindfolded Paralympic sport goalball to challenge disability stigma in northern Ghana.

We’re using sport to tackle the attitudes that tell people with disabilities, ‘you can’t’.

Fair Play will promote inclusion, challenge discrimination and raise awareness about disabled people’s rights. Fair Play will demonstrate that people with disabilities can.

Your support will enable us to train local volunteers and buy the right equipment to enable people with disabilities in northern Ghana to achieve Fair Play.   


Further down the line, we’ll be using different disability sports to expand our programme and work in more communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Goalball is only the beginning.

You can join us in making this a reality.

  • You can donate to enable us to transform the lives of people with disabilities in northern Ghana.
  • You can fundraise for Fair Play to change the score.
  • You can share the appeal with people you know and raise awareness about the issue.

Help us end poverty and discrimination for people with disabilities in Ghana. Donate now.