Sport can be an effective tool for development, but it’s one that requires specialist support and knowledge. In 2013, we brought together the Burkina Faso Paralympic Committee (BFPC), Nottingham County Football Club and Npower to create more opportunities for Burkinabé athletes to compete internationally.

From our work with HSB’s athletes, we knew that many potential Paralympians felt held back by the lack of equipment, and the lack of sporting infrastructure. So we decided to work directly with the Burkina Faso Paralympic Committee (BFPC) to build its ability to support international competition.

With £5,000 funding from Notts County FC, we were able to fund a full-time post to work with the BFPC and a group of International Service volunteers. Together, they were able to assess what the BFPC already had in place to support potential Paralympians, and identify how the BFPC could fund the resources they needed to prepare for Rio 2016.

As well as funding, Npower and Notts County FC also offered us specialist knowledge. Several specialist coaches were offered a secondment to Burkina Faso to work directly with football coaches in country to improve their technique.

But the project also looked to the future. Together, we developed a toolkit to enable more teachers to teach inclusive sport. By presenting this to the Burkina Faso Department of Education, we’ve ensured that the toolkit can be rolled out across schools. By coming together with sports clubs, and sports-minded business, we’ve been able to play our part in nurturing the next generation of talent.