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Action Social de Koudougou (ASK)

Action Social de Koudougou (ASK) works for the rights of people with disabilities living in and around Koudougou. As well as providing information and support, ASK organises sport and cultural events to challenge disability stigma. We provide the people-power ASK needs to challenge the discrimination that keeps many people with disabilities at the margins of their communities.

Associacion Manegbzanga Loumbila (AML)

Association Manegbzanga Loumbila (AML) supports those most likely to live in poverty, and specifically those in rural farming communities. AML supports farmers to improve their techniques so that they can improve their yields.  In conjunction with this, AML offers literacy training to enable farmers to better manage their income and their business, access information and develop their market. We train AML staff and group members in finance, marketing and quality assurance so that they can become self-sufficient and more able to generate a regular and sustainable income.

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB)

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) is a disability organisation with a difference: it is led, staffed and managed by people living with disabilities. HSB provides support for people with disabilities, and works with families, communities, and disabled athletes to challenge disability stigma. We support HSB to reach more people, expand into new communities, and secure more funds.


Kabeela works to provide rural women with the skills and knowledge they need to escape poverty.  These skills, such as producing, marketing and selling cosmetics and textiles, enable women to earn a fair living all year round. And training on health means that Kabeela members can make informed choices for themselves and their family. We train and mentor Kabeela staff and work alongside them to enable the organisation to become stronger and more resilient.

Union des Groupement de Femmes / Ce Dwane Nyee (UGF/CDN)

UGF/CDN (Union des Groupement de Femmes / Ce Dwane Nyee) brings together over 3,000 women from across the Central West province of Burkina Faso. In communities where women have little financial independence, and little say in the decisions made in their lives, UGF/CDN gives women the economic and educational tools they need to escape poverty. We train UGF/CDN staff members so that they can secure increased funding to give more women a voice.