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Inclusion for Everyone

This fully funded 6 month project will involve 6 volunteers working alongside our partner Krik Centre for Youth Activism, supporting and delivering disability inclusion activities in and around Skopje, North Macedonia.


This project supports integration between young people with and without disabilities in North Macedonia, where segregated education is common and young people with disabilities can lead lives that are very separate from their non-disabled peers; and also incorporates the inclusion of young people with learning disabilities into international volunteering itself. 

As part of Krik's aim to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of societies, you will be involved with the planning and delivery of activities and events through local schools and in communities throughout North Macedonia. This will include educational activities, inclusive sports and games, festivals, summer camps, and more. 

Have a few questions? Call us at +44 1904 647799 or send an email to contact@internationalservice.org.uk


For more information on Krik, visit: http://krik.org.mk/en/ 


Applications are open for UK residents aged 18-30. Our next cohort is departing in September 2021. 

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