For many people in developing countries, formal employment is not an option. That’s why so many people turn to small-scale production and enterprise to provide for themselves and their families. Enterprise is about more than just making a living – it’s a way for families and communities to foster healthier lifestyles. That’s why we’ve worked with producers across the world to enable them to learn skills, develop products, and turn a profit.

In El Alto, Bolivia, we worked with Focapaci to improve health through enterprise. Around 30% of Bolivians suffer from diabetes, while over a third of children are malnourished. Focapaci uses urban gardening to offer women a sustainable source of income, and a means to feed their family. Working in El Alto, Bolivia's second largest city, Focapaci partners with women’s associations to plan and construct greenhouses, and train members on how to successfully cultivate and sell their produce.

We worked with Focapaci to expand its work to new neighbourhoods, and trained women and their children in nutrition, vegetable cultivation, and horticulture techniques so that communities can manage their greenhouses independently.

Through our partnership, these communities have better access to nutritious food, as well as a sustainable income source that can help them provide the best future for their children.