Fair Play - Malawi

People with disabilities in Malawi are too often excluded from mainstream society, ignored and isolated with few opportunities to show the world what they are capable of. In the 2008 census, Malawi registered 498,122 people living with disabilities nationwide. And more recently, research conducted by the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) in 2018 registered over 1,044 people living with disabilities in Blantyre alone.

In Fair Play, our team of youth volunteers, with and without disabilities, are challenging stigma by putting on a series of sitting volleyball training sessions and matches.

We launched Fair Play Malawi with a sitting volleyball training program for our volunteers from September 30th to October 5th, 2019. The volunteers are running inclusive sports activities in Nsomba and Kapeni in Blantyre District to change social attitudes and show that disability is not inability.