International Service is going through a really exciting period of change, with several new projects starting, a new website, and new approach to volunteer development unfolding.
And this year, we are celebrating 65 years of working in partnership with local people in developing communities to make change together.

You are an integral part of our history – we want you to be part of our future.

To be part of this, you’ll need to give us your consent under new data protection laws. To do this, you’ll need to fill out a very short survey, available through this link.

Allowing us to hang onto your data means that your personal development with us doesn’t need to end with your ICS placement. We'll send you our newsletter once a month with information about our skills workshops and networking opportunities. We' ll be facilitating training and introducing you to development professionals and academics; human rights activists; and leadership specialists. And as our own ICS alumni, you will have priority access to all of our events.

To be part of this, please follow this link.