Most women in rural Burkina Faso struggle to earn a living. With low social status, and lacking an education and secure job opportunities, many women make money by selling products they have made. But making this kind of income sustainable is a challenge.

Madame Hélène (56), from Guiloungou, has faced these challenges first hand. At different times in her life, she worked as a farm hand; she sold cake, chilli, corn, and brewed and sold her own dolo (home-brewed beer). But when sourcing ingredients for dolo became too expensive, Hélène knew she needed to find a long-term solution.

 Hélène joined Kabeela, an organisation that works with local women to enable them to earn a sustainable income. Women can learn how to make and sell handicrafts and cosmetic products. Since 2012, our volunteers have delivered training in marketing and business skills, working with the women to increase their market, improve product quality and consistency and make their income sustainable.

Hélène now makes and sells crochet bags, and handmade soap and lotions. With the profits from these sales, she can now afford to rear animals, and sell eggs and milk. This spread of activities generates more consistent income, which means that Hélène has the money to send her children to school, enabling them to build a future free from poverty.

Every day, we support local organisations like Kabeela to make a greater impact on the lives of people like Madame Hélène. By investing in these community-based organisations, we invest in people. You can support our life-changing work with Kabeela by  becoming a change maker.