Inequality. Poverty. Discrimination. These issues are complex, and they can only be solved by people working together. It's people who share their knowledge, who start businesses, who challenge harmful attitudes. It's people who defy expectations. And people are the centre of our work.

Take something simple, like a school: building a school provides a community with a valuable asset. But a school needs dedicated teachers, willing pupils, and parents who value education. Without people, a school is just a building.

 That's why we invest in people.

Our partner organisations understand the specific challenges their communities face, as well as the specific solutions their community needs. We find individuals and organisations who are already making change, and bring our 65 years of experience and development expertise to work in partnership with them. Our input enables them to reach more people, work more effectively, and have a greater impact in their community.

For us, a successful partnership is one that comes to a natural end. We work with our partners so that one day we won't have to. With more skills, more funding, or more resources, our partners can continue to change their communities for the better long after our partnership ends.

We select our partners through a rigorous process of research, due diligence, discussion and field visits. This not only ensures that we work with organisations who can most benefit from working with us, but also that those we work with share our core values, are dedicated to making change and are driven to make the most impact possible.

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