Pagsung brings together women from across the Northern Region of Ghana to enable them to earn a fair living. In rural areas, where there are few job opportunities, women need to find alternative ways of providing for themselves and their families. Pagsung trains women to produce and sell cosmetic products. Working as a co-operative, women are able to make better quality products, and reach a wider market than they could if they were working alone. We're working with Pagsung to improve their record-keeping, marketing, and product consistency and quality, as well as ensuring they're reaching the most women in the most effective way.

Youth Alive

In many rural communities in Northern Ghana, young people are among those most affected by poverty, and least prepared to escape it. Youth Alive works with vulnerable young people, and provides training so that they can re-enter school, or start a career. Youth Alive also works with communities so that they can support young people to stay in school. We provide Youth Alive with the people they need to speak to more schools, families and communities.