Past Projects

FULL-G: Functional Literacy and Livelihoods in Ghana – pilot

Between April 2018 and 2019 we ran a pilot for our programme FULL-G – Functional Literacy and Livelihoods in Ghana. In this project we worked with the Non-Formal Education Division of Ghana’s Ministry of Education (NFED), the Trade Unions Association, and community health workers to:

  • Organise a one-year course comprising non-formal education in literacy and numeracy for out of school girls and young women,

  • Enrol participants in apprenticeships in a skilled trade and equip them with the necessary equipment

  • Run sexual and reproductive health and rights information sessions to support young women to make informed choices about their bodies and their lives


This project was generously funded by the Evan Cornish Foundation, Souter Charitable Trust, Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, and a range of individual supporters.



REACT was an inclusive sports project which took place from March to June 2018. In this project we brought together a mixed team from Ghana and the UK, half of whom were half blind and partially sighted and half of whom were fully sighted.


We're committed to reducing the stigma around disability, wherever we find it. REACT Ghana, part of our broader inclusive sports programme, Fair Play, is one of our newest projects. It brings together a diverse group of volunteers, British and Ghanaian, partially sighted and fully sighted, to combat the stigma around disability.


In Ghana, over 300,000 people live with severe visual impairment. Due to a lack of understanding about disability, they are often undervalued by society and excluded from their community. REACT brought together an equal mix of visually impaired and fully sighted volunteers from the UK and Ghana to coach goalball, a sport designed for people with visual impairments. Over 8 weeks, the team:

  • established goalball teams in six communities

  • developed 218 pieces of goalball equipment, including knee and elbow pads, goalball balls, eye shades and court line systems.

  • delivered 63 hours of goalball training

  • reached a total of 75,998 people through community presentations and sessions on local radio.

Rapid Assessment of the Global Goals in York

In 2018 we conducted a rapid assessment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or "Global Goals", in York. This resulted in the production of a report, a meeting and presentation with key council decision-makers, and adjustments to City of York Council policies.

The report from the project can be found here.