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Black Lives Matter - a message from Michael

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We have all been challenged and reminded of how deep-rooted racism is in society by the Black Lives Matter movement. We clearly have far to go in building a fair and truly inclusive society and we all have a responsibility to act and commit to positive change.

We call upon everyone to be present in this important moment of change: to listen, to educate ourselves, to participate, to act, and to have compassion with each other.

Organisations like ours are a part of society and must be a part of the solution to ending racism, not a part of the problem. Countering racism in all forms, whether direct or indirect, should be at the heart of responsible organisations. We at International Service recognise our responsibilities and the need to provide leadership on a subject which is so fundamental to our values and purpose.

International Service is a charity dedicated to achieving positive social change in communities around the world. By working alongside local partner organisations and harnessing the power of community and volunteering we tackle challenges like poverty, and discrimination. However, it is dangerous to become complacent and it is naive to simply assume racism and inequality is not present in what we do; and in fact it is more important given our role that we consciously and overtly promote equality, equity, and the joys and benefits of diversity.

The Black Lives Matter movement has made us re-look at ourselves as an organisation - our ways of being with each other, our policies and practices, and our projects, to do better and be a greater part of the change that is so clearly needed.

Racism and racial inequality are complex and deep-rooted issues, and we must listen but also move to action. We reach out to you, to learn from your experience and benefit from your ideas about what we must do.


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