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Launching a partnership with North Star Coffee Roasters

We're delighted to announce our funding partnership with North Star Coffee Roasters, Leeds. Established in 2013, North Star was the first coffee roastery in Leeds providing the highest quality coffee by working with specialty-focused producers globally - and with every new venture, they continue to affirm their dedication to a transparently ethical approach in the coffee production industry.

"We are very proud of our sourcing policies which aim to ensure that the land and people growing our coffees are treated with respect and consideration." North Star Coffee Roasters

When we approached North Star with the proposal to support our new project Firm Foundation, we knew our organisations were perfectly aligned with beliefs and values. We had hoped they might offer us a one-off donation to the project. What we hadn't anticipated was an ongoing commitment to invest in women entrepreneurs in rural Rwanda.

North Star has launched their first charity bags of coffee, donating £1 from every bag of Rwandan coffee sold to our business coaching project Firm Foundation.

It's fantastic to be strengthening our network in Yorkshire by working with a northern organisation outside the charity sector. And as North Star explains, "Our love for coffee comes from its power to connect people all over the world with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships with the fantastic people behind our product."

We couldn't agree more.

If you or anyone you know are a coffee lover, why not enjoy the delicious flavour of supporting female change-makers in Rwanda? £1 of every bag purchased will go directly towards Firm Foundation, enabling Rwandan women to launch and maintain their own business with professional coaching.

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