We are working to tackle poverty in all its forms by working in partnership with local people in developing communities. But to ensure the future of our work, and to reach more people across the world, we need your help.

You can take action to enable people living without access to their basic rights to have a chance of a life free from poverty. You can help us empower them to make their voice heard. You can be a change-maker.

We understand that not everyone has the means to give a monthly donation to charity, the time to organise a fundraising event, or the willpower to train for a marathon. But you can still make a difference.

There is a lot that each of us can do to be part of making a world without injustice, even without leaving our living room.

We have a thriving network of supporters and returned overseas volunteers who have acted to end poverty and injustice, both at home and internationally. If you are passionate about making change for the global community, here are some ideas for actions you can take:

Host a coffee morning; a bake-off; a football tournament; a fashion show – whatever floats your boat. Just do it in the name of change and we’ll be behind you.

Don’t bury your head in the inequality: engage in conversation with people who hold toxic views about development and aid. It might seem like a drop in the ocean, but if we were all courageous enough to debate, even if only 2% of our arguments sink in, it would make a huge difference to the attitudes of the general public. And if we change the attitudes of the public, the political sphere will change its priorities to maintain its voters.

Become an International Service advocate. We are developing our network of people of all ages in the UK and overseas to advocate for human rights in whatever context they can. You can be part of it. Just get in touch.
Interested in sharing your professional skills, experience or knowledge remotely? We are looking to develop a network of mentors and coaches to pair with local people working in developing countries. If you have project management or marketing skills, know how to write a funding proposal, or how to develop a market for a product – our partners would benefit from your expertise. Register your interest here.

We are building a new programme to enable employers to deliver corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a meaningful way, both for the staff and for the individuals and communities who need it most around the world. If you would like to discuss opportunities for individual employees or teams to work on a development project – either working remotely from the UK or as an overseas placement – get in touch. We are also happy to discuss bespoke volunteering and CSR programmes with individual organisations.

Contact your local MP to inform them about issues you are passionate about and want to see the British government act on in a more meaningful way.

Follow charities, development agencies and think tanks on social media, and share thoughts and ideas that you think need to be recognised more widely.

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