USP is our student placement programme. We offer a placement preparation and matching scheme that provides universities with a robust overseas placement option for their students.

USP Match currently facilitates 3-9 month placements in Ghana, Malawi, Burkina Faso and Rwanda. We match international development students, or those studying a relevant degree subject (undergraduate or postgraduate) to an appropriate placement that will allow them to develop their skills and experience whilst contributing to the long-term development impact of our local partner organisations.  We deliver comprehensive training to ensure students are fully prepared before travelling overseas. We then facilitate their orientation on arrival, introducing them to the partner organisation with whom they will be working.

Some universities also have overseas placements they deliver internally or in partnership with others, so we also offer USP Prep: a one-day training programme for students preparing to go on a placement anywhere in the world.  This training covers safety and security, safeguarding, culture, resilience and communication: all-important elements for a safe and meaningful placement overseas.

USP offers students the best chance of a successful placement. Meanwhile universities can feel reassured that their students have been given the information and training they need to make better choices, integrate more fully and reduce risk during their time overseas.

These students return home having made a difference, and with an array of new skills they developed on the ground.

Why International Service?

Our USP programme has three core aims:

  • To facilitate robust international development placements for undergraduate, masters and PhD students studying on courses relevant to our work; 
  • To instigate long-term development impact in local communities and through project partners in our countries of operation; 
  • To offer opportunities for personal and professional growth for individual students through structured placements with our local partners overseas.  

With seven years’ experience in facilitating fulfilling youth volunteering placements, we can offer your students the support they need to have meaningful international placements. We offer two packages that can be tailored to your specific needs.

USP Prep

USP Prep is a one-day training programme for students preparing to go on a work or volunteer placement anywhere in the world, for any duration.

This general overview can function as a stand-alone training session, giving your students a basic understanding of resilience and cultural difference, what to expect, and how to stay safe.

Core components of the day, delivered by international development and security experts, include:

  • Culture;
  • Communication barriers;
  • Safety and Security;
  • Resilience and stress management.

All sessions can be delivered on your campus.

The cost for USP Prep includes:

  • Training delivered by our international development and safety and security experts;
  • All materials and resources used on the day.

Cost: £1299 +VAT and travel costs, for up to 30 students.

USP Match

USP Match is a complete placement package for groups of over five students. International Service facilitates 3-9-month placements for university students in developing countries, working with our local project partners.

USP Match is our development match-maker service. This package not only ensures that your students are equipped with the knowledge and awareness they need to keep themselves safe and uphold the reputation of the university, but they won't need to arrange the placements themselves.

USP can be adapted to suit specific course requirements and can include bespoke components that relate directly to a particular course.

In placing students, we consider any health issues, language abilities, interests and skills.

In addition to the full USP Prep training, USP Match includes:

  • Assessment and matching of students to overseas placements;
  • Two days’ training and orientation on arrival in country, facilitated by International Service staff;
  • An introductory meeting with the partner organisation;
  • Post-placement evaluation.

Cost: £1335 +VAT for each student


If you are interested in USP and how we can work with you to deliver meaningful international placements for your students, give us a call on 01904 647799, or email: [email protected]