Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer on human rights projects in developing communities in sub-Saharan Africa?

We offer two options for international volunteering that enable people to gain valuable experience volunteering: 6-8 week summer placements, and a full year in industry with an international partner. Both include comprehensive placement preparation, with ongoing support whilst on placement.

Why International Service?

Our Africa placement programme has three core aims:

  • To facilitate robust international development placements for people over the age of 18 with skills, experience and/or qualifications (such as a degree in international relations) that are relevant to our work; 
  • To contribute to long-term development impact in local communities through project partners in our countries of operation; 
  • To offer opportunities for personal and professional growth for individuals through structured placements with our local partners based in sub-Saharan African communities.  

With seven years’ experience in facilitating safe and fulfilling volunteering placements, we can offer you the support you need to have a meaningful international placement. We offer two packages that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Short placements

For people looking for a short-term overseas placement option, such as a career sabbatical, we offer 6-8 week summer placements in one of our countries of operation. Our summer placements include pre-placement preparation training, orientation in-country, accommodation in a local host family's home, two meals a day and 24 hour emergency support from our in-country team. Teams of volunteers will spend 6-8 weeks contributing to longer-term development projects with locally-based projects led by our partner organisations. Short placements are funded by the volunteers themselves, with International Service staff on hand to support with fundraising advice.

Fundraising Commitment: £1,995 (exc. flights)

A Year in International Service

As a more meaningful alternative to students seeking to spend a year in industry gaining valuable work experience, or those already in employment or retired looking to invest a year of their time in a new environment, we match individuals to an appropriate year-long placement that will allow them to develop their skills whilst contributing to the long-term development impact of our local partner organisations.

We deliver comprehensive training to ensure people are fully prepared before travelling overseas, with a focus on safeguarding and security. Our package also includes airport arrival meeting, local orientation, and introduction to the hosting partner organisation with whom the volunteers will be working. The cost of the placement also includes international flights, accommodation in a local host family's home, two meals a day, and 24 hour emergency support from our in-country team.

A Year in International Service enables students to increase their employability through the development of technical skills and practical experience, and offers people further along in their career the opportunity to invest a year of their time in a meaningful cause. Meanwhile your people - your university, employer or family - can feel reassured that you've been given the information and training you need to stay safe, integrate fully into your host community and reduce personal risk during your time overseas.

You'll return home having made a difference, and with an array of new skills and memories you've developed on the ground.

Full package: £7,695 (inc. flights)

If you are interested in either of our international placement packages and how we can develop a meaningful placement that complements your skills, give us a call on 01904 647799, or email: [email protected]